Dec 6, 2008

White Wallpapers (HQ)

Please right click and open in new window to get larger size wallpaper !!
I hope every one will like it as most of them love peace..

Wat a cute Wallpaper !! I like it..
White Wallpapers
Ha ha Black is trying to convert white in to black..
White Wallpapers
Do u like this iPod????
White Wallpapers
Its a sharpener of bringiiiiii :)
White Wallpapers
This is my kithar Dont touch it :)
White Wallpapers
Do u like this game? Its superb..
White Wallpapers
Happy to these wallpapers always..


daniel said...

didnt understand the tittle for the last image but its ok xD

Corina said...

Loved them, especially the one with the sheepl... thanks


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