Sep 5, 2008

Exposing Love In a Special Way

Saying 'I Love You' in a special way.

A guy wanted to express his unfathomable love to his sweetheart. So,what did he do........?
He gave chocolates to all the girls living in the University student apartments and asked them to turn their lights on or off at 8pm that night.
See the picture for the rest............. Truly Breath taking ! You don't need to guess his sweetheart's reaction.
The boy has expressed his love very well..
I know every one who is in love will like it!! (Including me)
Common give me ur comments ..


lana said...


KAVITHA said...

To love is to be loved.....

aish said...

hey nice snap seems too beautiful
it's expresing ur's feeling
from sweetu

Anonymous said...

im also became fall in

Anonymous said...

Very Cute picture . But I dont have to express any one . Really very good

deep said...

Very very very very nice I wish that boy ll my love and of course that girl is me


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